Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Cultural Fair

Since Katie and I moved into our new house, we’ve really enjoyed our neighborhood, and more importantly, our new ward.  it is full of great people of all ages, colors and cultures. 


And like all great wards……we were immediately given callings.  *insert dramatic music here*  It has actually been pretty good.  I was called to be a ward missionary, and Katie was called to be the “Relief Society Emergency preparedness committee representative” (we’re still trying to figure out what that means).  I was put to work immediately, while Katie hasn’t had a single person tell her what she needs to do.


Anyway, for the last month and a half, the ward missionaries have been working hard in organizing a Neighborhood Cultural Fair.  Its a great opportunity for the neighbors of all types to come together and share a little bit about themselves.


Since Katie and I are as white as they come……..we shared pictures from our trip to Istanbul last year.  Here’s the slideshow that I put together.

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