Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Cheer Me On!!!

Hey all,

Sorry its been a while.  I hope to post more often.  So in case you haven't heard (or I haven't yak'd your ear off about it yet), I'm running the Salt Lake City Half Marathon this Saturday!  I've trained hard and hope to finish in my goal time.  Some of you have asked about when it is and where you can see me and cheer me on.  Although you shouldn't feel required to come, it would be nice to see some familiar face when the going gets tough.  You can find the map of the course HERE and scroll down to the bottom of the page to see the course and mile markers.  The gun blows promptly at 7 am.  I had riginally planned to complete by 3 hrs, but have a lofty goal of 2:30:00.  realistically, my average time should be around 2:45:00.  That being said, here is a list of my average splits per mile for a 2:45:00 pace.


So here comes the math part!  If you want to plan on when and where you can cheer me on, find the place you want to wait for me on the map, make note of the distance in miles, find that distance on the split list, take that time, and add that time to the 7 am start time.  that should give you an idea of what time I should be passing by that area, give or take 15 min just to be safe.  So example, mile 10 is in liberty park.  The split time for liberty park is 2:05:57, so I should be around the liberty park area between 8:45 and 9:15 am.

The Salt Lake City Marathon Official map shows a few good cheer locations HERE.  I hope to see some familiar faces, big signs, balloons, cow bells, and gongs!  But if I can't get that, at least a smile and yell would do.  and If not that, feel free to log onto facebook and look for my 7:00 am post for starting the race and post comments and likes.  My nike running app will give me cheers as well.  It should be a fun time!

PS:  Hopefully this wont be me!

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