Sunday, January 25, 2009

So I've been a little busy this last week. Work had been keeping me so busy I wasn't able to update the blog last week. So here I am trying to think about what interesting things have happened to us.

Caroline has been sleeping a lot better. The last few nights, she has gone to bed with little fight, and has slept through most of the night, which has been great. There were even a few where I thought she had slept through the night, but Katie had pointed out that she was up with her a few times in the night and that Katie had a hard time getting to sleep. I'm just lucky that Katie didn't throttle me right then and there for my ignorance of her suffering. But all in all, Caroline is doing much better.

This morning, I was holding her and she was doing so well and so happy. I would do quick little blow-fish sounds on her cheek and she was actually laughing at it. It was so cute. I tried to get katie to start the camcorder to record it, but the second she got it out, Caroline decided that she had had enough fun and started to cry. We have tried since then to get her to do it again, but have been less than successful. Hopefully we can catch her in the act and post it.

Last weekend, I took my old playstation 2 and all the games that I had for it and traded them in and got RockBand 2 for the XBOX 360. It has been a blast to play with friends and family. We even lugged it all over to the inlaws house on Friday night and played with them. They really enjoyed it and had a lot of fun. I just can't get enough of it. I also love that its a fun solo game, but an even better group activity game. And with all the downloadable songs that they have, theres something for everyone.

Yesterday, we went to pioneer memorail theater to see The Golden Leaf. Its an original play wirten by someone that works at the theater. It tells the story of Mary Shelly and how she came to write Frankenstien. At least thats what the synopsus lead us to believe. It actually tells little about "how and why" she wrote it and more about the people around her in her life at the time that she wrote it. I thought that it was ok and might suggest it to others, except that we went to the last showing. We left Caroline with the grandparents, but were eager to get back to her, because the play had a lot of references to the low mortality rate of infants at that time. It was nice to come home and hold her in our arms.

I hope to be better about keeping this updated. Also, feel free to subscribe to the RSS Feeds and become a follower of the blog, and leave comments. Its nice to see friends and family arounds here.

Till Next Time!


  1. Caroline is such a sweetie! I am glad that she has been sleeping a little bit better for you guys too. I love the grinny pictures you have of her! It still blows me away how smily and happy she is. We need to all get together soon- what day works for you guys?

  2. What a cute, smiley baby! I bet you guys can hardly imagine your life without her. Jack and I send our love!

  3. I love the last picture of Caroline! She looks so much like you!