Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter

Easter is a great time. Especially if you are a kid. Now that I'm a grown up (yikes...), Its more a spiritual, recognition holiday. But its great to see all the kids enjoy it like I once did. For Caroline, it was kind of uneventful since she's still pretty young. She can't find eggs, she doesn't care whats in her basket, and she can't color any eggs. But it sure is cute to dress her up. She wore a great yellow Easter dress that her aunt Sue gave her. Thanks Sue!

Last night, we went to a friends Easter party. Caroline got a great basket from Shannon (thanks Shannon) and she loved it (at least I think she did). But she got a great picture with some of her bestest friends. Ella (left) and Eli. They were so cute together.

Then we went to a family Easter lunch. Caroline is about to start easting solid foods soon (we hope). Lately she's been quite distracted by all of the normal food that surrounds her. Of course, she takes after her mom with the Coke.

Just thinking that 4 months ago, she was just a little helpless bundle of cute goo. Shes growing up so fast.

Caroline has also started to love to play with her mouth. She has been learning how to blow raspberries.


  1. I loved the raspberry video!! What a sweetie- I am so glad that we got to get together the other day! It was so fun and we are excited to come hang out on Friday!

  2. Hey Katie and Alex! I just found your blog. Your daughter is absolutely darling! Congratulations and I'm glad to see you guys are doing well!