Monday, June 1, 2009

Dance like no body is watching!

Last Wednesday, we had the great opportunity to see my younger cousin Macenzie in her annual dance recital. She had been working so hard all year on getting all the steps down, and perfecting her techniques. I think that that she did a great job.
She has struggled a bit with what the doctors have determined to be muscular dystrophy. Ever since I knew her, she has had a bit of trouble walking and running without tripping over, or keeping her balance. I think that the dance classes have really helped her to over come those physical obsticals.
Seeing younger girls dance though is just good fun. There's always one or two that know the routine pretty well, then half of them have trouble following the teachers that are performing it in the wing away from view of the audience, and then there's one or two that either don't dance and look for their family in the audience and just wave, or sit down, or get scared and run off stage. Great fun!
Macenzie looked great in all of her dances, and in all of her outfits.

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