Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Family Portraits

So back at the end of May, we decided to get some family portraits done. Katie's friend Erin had used a professional photographer to do some portraits of Ella, so Katie decided to use her also. Being an avid yet novice photographer myself, I tried to not interject with "well I can just do it and save us some money."
We just got the disk of images the other day, and I'm so glad the went with the professional because they turned out great. I really couldn't have done any better. Her Name is Kathrine Wallin and she was a great photographer. You can find her blog HERE.
She did such a great job with Caroline and was very nice. Caroline had such a great time in the park and loved all the flowers around her. Unfortunately, it was during her morning nap time, so she didn't last very long. Towards the end of the photo shoot, we could all tell that she was getting quite tired and done with being posed and having the camera in her face. Fortunately, I've trained her well for that!
I hope that you all enjoy these images as much as we enjoyed having them taken. Kathrine Wallin gave us the rights to the pictures so if any of you want any copies, just let us know. These are just a smattering of the better ones.
This was over at the stream coming out of Memory Grove. The water was so cold that morning. We tried to get all of our feet in it, but it was running a bit to fast to stand in and I could barely stand to have my feet in it for more than a few minutes.
Caroline has the most beautiful eyes. She looked at me like this when she was born, and I never get tired of looking into her eyes and wondering what is going on in her little mind.

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  1. The pictures turned out GREAT! Caroline is so beautiful- and you are right- her eyes are incredible!