Thursday, July 9, 2009

Back from Cedar City

Well, we've been back from Cedar city for about a week. And it just seems like we didn't have enough time there. So every year we make our yearly homage trek to pay respects to the king of theater.....Sir William Shakespeare.

Usually we try and spend a full week, see one play a day, and spread it out over time. We also try and stay there over a full weekend. Since there are no plays on Sunday, it gives us a full day to go to Zions, Bryce, Brian Head, or wherever we feel like.

Unfortunately, we could only bee there for about 3.5 days. Luckily, Von and Marianne (Katie's parents) were there with us and they were nice enough to watch Caroline while we saw 1 or 2 plays a day from Thursday Night to Saturday night. The shows were great, we loved them all, and they always do such a great, professional job there.

Seeing as we were there over the 4th of July, we thought it was fitting that we should participate in some of the local activities. During the day, at the local park, there was a great party with food booths, blow up bouncy house slides, and craft tents to tantalizing the inner kids in us all. Unfortunately it was a little too much fun for one little girl. (See above).

The other "must see and do" at the fest is the Green Show. Its an old-timey entertainment show with dancing, singing, comedy, live music, and fun for all ages. Caroline really enjoyed seeing the dancers and listening to the music. But mostly, she enjoyed playing with the grass.

On Sunday, before our sad trip home, Von and I decided to go on a photo-hike. I probably took more than 3 gigs of pictures, and we had a blast. i love hiking in southern Utah. It started out as a dry hike up a mountainside. Then it turned into a hike in a shaded valley. Then became a meandering trail that crossed a stream many times. Then transmorphed magically right before our eyes into a beautiful narrow riverbed. It really is a great, short hike. If your interested in it, google "Kanarra Creek Canyon Hike". I highly recommend it.

So until next year, "parting is such sweet sorrow, hasta el proximo ano"

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